Sunday, April 22, 2007

StumbleUpon: Procrastinators Rejoice!

As everyone who has read this blog knows, I've been switching back to Firefox and exploring the wonderful world of customization again! I've changed my browser template and found some of the greatest add-ons ever! ScribeFire is being utilized as we speak to write this blog, Better Gmail has some cool shortcuts and the best tool for a college student to procrastinate and still manage to get stuff done: StumbleUpon!

This browser add on has been the bane of my existence for the past 24 hours considering the fact that I have a Latin test tomorrow, several reading assignments and a term paper proposal all due by the end of the week. There is just one problem: I've set my StumbleUpon up so that I can keep finding new and wonderful websites and products like SongBird and Zamzar while still research a ton of sources for my proposal like Danteworlds and Quotiki.

I'm in a state of Limbo, even if the pope states that it doesn't exist. I can't tell whether I am being productive in my research or in my blogging!

This is a great tool to try for anyone and it's so easy to use. Give it a try if you use Firefox and see what happens. At least you can always "feel" like you are being productive!

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Jackie said...

Thanks for the info. Will have a look at it.

Myself said...

Thanks so much for this information -- I went to StumbleUpon and spent a few hours looking at some of the photo sites that were posted. Wow -- amazing what is out there on the net that we know so little about.
Love your site, and have "fueled" it.


Baxter Tocher said...

Yep, be careful. You can get lost in StumbleUpon easily, and lose a huge amount of your time!

The new StumbleThru feature is wicked. Have you tried it yet?

Mag22 said...

I love the StumbleThru! It's great! I'm glad everyone enjoys this tool!