Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Glimpse Towards Political Moderates

As a college student, politics seem to surround us and everyone becomes involved in some kind of political argument or debate or just a plain discussion.

Someone is always ultra conservative in their manner while the other is a radical liberal. Neither one is completely happy with the events that are occurring around them and it seems as though the debate will go on forever! Enter the satirical moderate.

It seems as though everyone has strong feelings towards political issues and decisions in regards to conservative or liberal, but the moderate is the person who seems to sit back for a little while. They observe the situation, the opposing sides, contemplate all of the considerations that need to be put into play and then provide a response that should make concessions to both sides. A solution is then provided for everyone with a select piece of irony and humor! Brilliant!

The world has a select few number of individuals who observe the world as it is and do what I have mentioned above. I, myself, try to do just that when it comes to politics and life in general by trying to "put myself in the other person's shoes" and allow a little humor to enter a very tense situation through satire.

There are several television personalities that do this as well. John Stewart, Steven Colbert and Tucker Carlson are all well educated men. These select few individuals basically refuse to take a side on conflicting points and provide an aura of humor for anyone who can understand the art of satire. Jonathan Swift and Joseph Heller would be proud of these guys!

This was merely a blog of observation for politico types who seem to disregard the facts for personal distaste of the opposing side. Nothing of harm was meant by this blog and it really is just a varied aspect of the college insight. Common sense and a practical approach to life seems to be a wonderful way to enjoy life and the irony that surrounds us in the world.

Have a great day, leave your comments, subscribe to the blog and enjoy!

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