Friday, February 29, 2008 great replacement for VideoHybrid and Stage6

I'm a college student on a budget. What student isn't (besides those with trust funds...congratulations!)? So when a new movie comes out on DVD that I've been waiting to see because: A) I didn't have the money to spend $9 in a theatre or B) The movie didn't look like it was worthy of my $9 but ended up being pretty good, I usually want to buy it but then I don't have the cash to buy it.

With new release DVD's starting at $20 and Blu-Ray at $30, it's pretty hard to justify spending that kind of cash on movie that I may end up detesting with a passion and never watch again. I could do this and when I happen to purchase a movie that I don't enjoy or that I know I will never watch again, I would just go to my local Video/Game trading place and get $2. Great deal huh? Spend $20, get $2 back. If every company ran on 10%, good bye corporate America!

My solution: I use free online services like VideoHybrid or Stage6 to select the first part of a movie and watch it. This way, I get a feel for the movie at less than perfect quality and if I like it then I can go out and purchase it. If I don't, I don't buy it. (Yes, I realize this goes against everything corporate America stands for.) With the recent news that VideoHybrid is being sued and Stage6 being shutdown for an increasing amount of work, I had to find a new site.

Well I have! is a great site that offers several different directories for each movie they list and most are divided into sections for easy, better quality viewing than a full film version. This is a great film site and has a rating system. I've never viewed an entire film at this location, but it has definitely led me to purchase several DVD's and Blu-ray's.

I'm looking forward to the day when Netflix is available on PS3 as the people over at Kotaku are speculating! One can only hope!

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