Wednesday, March 5, 2008

PS3 Movie Rentals???

In my last post, I mentioned something about Netflix coming to PS3. I just got done reading an article from the Digg Recently Popular page comparing the Apple TV, Vudu and Xbox 360 downloadable movie services.

My question is when is this going to happen for the PS3? The machine is more than capable of running a third party service, if necessary. The hard drive on all models is big enough to support several movies with the possibility for even more storage through the USB connection port. The online capability is there through both wired and wireless connectivity. So Sony, Netflix, TiVo, whoever...where is the service?

With the addition of Sony's Home coming to the interface in May, I'm getting even more excited that this may include a new update to allow for movie rentals and purchasable downloads. One can only hope.

Has anyone heard any news in regards to this? If so, let me know. I would love to read up on this!

For now, WTF Sony?

Have a great day!

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