Friday, February 29, 2008

New Year. New Look.

So it's 2008 and this is my first blog post of the year! That is pretty ridiculous on my part and I apologize to all my readers that have been "eagerly" awaiting something new. I've been trying to accommodate my new schedule, organize my life a little and if you didn't notice, trying to find a more up to date template for my blog. What do you think?

I was thinking about what to write about in this post and I was reading through Digg for the 10th time yesterday and I found that a lot of what I said last year in terms of predictions came true. Blue-ray won the high-definition movie format war. I got a PS3 to compliment that. Apple continued being a steady force in the world of computing. Linux, more specifically Ubuntu with Dell, has grown into a headline news company for the ease of use behind their distribution of Linux. Google continues to drive the Internet as if it were they were a Ferrari Enzo on the Autobahn and Microsoft has been trying to just keep up in their Ford Mustang.

It seems as though everything remains the same in the dynamic world of technology now (that was intentional irony). If a company begins to boom and create great products, they get a choice. Either they market themselves to the Big Guys (Google, Microsoft, Apple and Yahoo!) and hope someone buys them or they better brace themselves for one heck of a fight against the Big Guys!

Each of the Big Guy companies has products that are great and products that make an IT guy go "What the f@*%!" Google's concept of free has helped me in numerous ways, this blog for example. But their new Google site builder project has me a bit baffled at the moment. Don't get me started on Microsoft. Yahoo has released some great, easy to use "refurbishments" of their original products but the innovative nature is beginning to lack. And then we have Apple, who's products I'm beginning to love more and more everyday. But what is going on with their new binge on the multi touch pad or the MacBook Air? The multi touch works great on my iPod Touch, but why would I need it if I were to buy a MacBook?

I'm beginning to rant which is a good indicator that I need to stop. I'm planning to work this blog more so on a several day basis rather than everyday. This is only due to the fact that my final undergrad semester is becoming even more time consuming. So link up, subscribe, let me know what you think of the new look and leave a comment if you want me to write on something in particular!

Thanks and have a great day!

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