Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Digg Profiles are Rocking Technorati's World

Technorati is, or was, the site for all major websites and blogs to register with. Everything about that particular service is meant to be directed towards the promotion of all websites. Things have changed and not necessarily for the better.

After Technorati's CEO stepped down and some new features were added to a changing user interface, I found that there was a major shift moving from support for all blogs and websites, no matter how large or small, towards a specialization and promotion of the larger, more popular websites. My blog stood in the middle of the field. I had some nice links from a wide variety of blogs and websites and my Authority ranking was rising or staying level at a comfortable rate for an amateur attempt at blogging.

However, more recently I've seen a huge decline in my Authority due to links becoming outdated and just an overall lack of use from people. Technorati has lost the massive amount of influence it had on the blogging world in the matter of a few short months. My reasoning for making this statement is based upon the fact that my Authority ranking has decreased as my links have expired but my overall ranking has not fluctuated!

People are not added their blogs or websites to Technorati's service. If anything, they may be losing numbers. Why else would my overall ranking on the system remain the same for weeks at a time? Anyone?

As much as many people disliked Digg as it grew exponentially over the past year, this is becoming the service to use. With the addition of Digg Profiles, I can now link up with a lot of the people that share similar interests and I can check out their additions to ever growing service.

I support the Digg articles that are hitting the front page with a massive numbers of "Digg's" because I can only hope and work to have an article reach that point someday. These are the articles that are breaking news not only on Digg but most of the major news sources several minutes/hours after they hit Digg.

The "Upcoming" tab, however, is where we need to start looking to get some exposure for everyone, even the amateur guys like me. The "Upcoming" tab has become my new best friend in regards to both blogging/technology information and news.

So is this trend of moving away from a desire to have links to your blog within other blogs going to stay strong? I hope so! Could having a centralized place, like Digg, to post your new entries be the best thing for new and old bloggers? Definitely! Is Digg Profile's helpful in bringing a personal aspect to what you want to see in the daily search for breaking news? That's a big YES!

Technorati: do something now because you are losing ground to other services quickly!

Digg: Keep rocking and making it so much easier for all bloggers to get their word out to the world!

I could be wrong in that Technorati's service is still superior and Digg has no comparison, but I find that to be VERY unlikely! Prove me wrong!

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Have a great day!


James said...

This is a really good article, you've made a really good point. Digg seems to be the way to go, it's got a few hits on my own website which has only been around for a week - where as Technorati has done nothing.

Mag22 said...

Thanks James! I'm glad you approve. It's always great to get some feedback