Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Blogger "One-Ups" Wordpress with blog.gears

Through most of the tech blogs yesterday, it was announced that some genius has created a way to integrate Google Gears into Blogger to allow for offline blogging entries. blog.gears anyone? How amazing is that?

The simplified version of this breaks down as follows:

- Google Gears is a Google Labs work in progress that allows for users to access web pages across the Internet. It, in turn, saves the appropriate page to your computer and allows you to view and access the page in its entirety without having a connection. From personal experience, it works wonderfully with Google reader while working offline on airplane or in the car (while someone else is driving of course). You can find the page to download this great tool here. Tutorials are available as well.

- Blogger is the Google owned blogging service that lacks the wonderfully easy and beautiful customization capabilities of other services such as Wordpress. The reasons I use it: 1) It's back by Google. 2) I've modified it to my own liking. 3) It's backed by Google. Wait, did I mention that already?

When you mix the two together, you get a wonderfully easy interface that allows you to blog offline at any time and it's called blog.gears.

As I've evolved in the blogosphere, I've found that quality of content rather than quantity provides for a better blog so when I receive an epiphany on what to write about but I don't have an Internet connection, I can still write my blog and publish it as soon as a connection is established.

Give this great innovation a try and congrats to whoever made this one possible! I know that it is still in beta but I love it already! Nice work!

I could be wrong and this could be just a failed attempt to revive Blogger but I doubt it! Prove me wrong!

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James said...

I was reading about Google Gears the other day - should be good when it becomes availiable for Gmail. Nice article.

Mag22 said...

Thanks James! I've just seen that have released it for Google Calendar now!