Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Lack of Creativity

If you haven't noticed from my recent posts, there is something that is beginning to consume my mind besides technology. That something that will hopefully be held within my future and something new that I can be proud of. That something is law.

My concern revolves around my ability to stand out among my peers in the admissions process. I want my numbers (LSAT and GPA) to be good, but I want my activities, actions and involvement to be something that gives an admissions committee the necessary information as to why I belong in their law school.

The interesting thing is the fact that I actually observed something yesterday that has given me some confidence. My observation really describes how the education of colleges has brought on two classes of people.

Class #1: Those who go to class and do their work and take the tests and do well. BUT, this class forgets to live life and to find enjoyment in the small things. They fail to see humor where it lies and free thought/creativity are left behind to make way for standards, facts and numbers.

Class #2: Individuals who have creativity and think for themselves. These people do well because they find connections and happiness in the world of academia through the relationships they build and maintain. They are the ones that take the initiative to visit with neighbors, point out mistakes and basically embrace failure as a way to grow in mind and character.

I've noticed that during my change in majors from sciences to liberal arts that my mindset is has moved from Class#1 to Class #2 and I am beginning to really embrace this fact. My friends who are science majors seem to fail to communicate with each other. They turn into zombies in class and never ask questions.

It's as if original thought just leaves them and I'm finding that to be very depressing. They score extremely well on MCAT's, yet fail to get into medical schools because their own thoughts are gone.

I'm glad I'm a pre-law major. I've begun to feel the pressure of the law school application process. If anyone who reads happens to have connections with law schools in the Midwest, please let me know. Every individual and personal effort helps.

Let me know your thoughts on this and don't forget to link up, subscribe, read and enjoy! Could the majority of college students be forgetting to think for themselves and just trying to find a niche in the college academic world of grades? I think so!

Prove me wrong and have a great day!

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