Monday, September 3, 2007

Linux Madness!

So it's official, I now have a computer with Linux and it's sweet!

This post is moving along the lines of the last few posts in regards to finding ways around laws and corporate style technology.

For those who don't know what Linux is, I'm might suggest a little visit to a wonderful site called The Linux Vault. This site basically offers some explanations as to what Linux is, how it works, where you can find, who offers it and what the benefits to using it are. Basically, it's a catch-all site that does a great job!

For me, Linux has become something of interest because it is a way to have more access to the world of computing and the design is completely open and customizable. Add in the fact that it's not a major brand like Microsoft and it's FREE and I have a complete computing package to enjoy!

I'm using Ubuntu because of the wide following it has gathered over the past several months and for the simple fact that the assistance with Ubuntu is great and easy to use!

You are probably thinking that I'm a bit of an open-minded tech guy and you are pretty much right. I always want to try out the newest thing and just because it says Microsoft doesn't mean it's perfect. But Linux is something that can be used by anyone for any reason!

Do you:

1. Have an old computer that just isn't worth updating to Windows XP or Vista? USE LINUX!

2. Love your Windows but want to have access to a more secure and customizable OS? USE LINUX!

3. Want to just try something new and exciting and FREE? USE LINUX!

4. Hate Microsoft and Apple for no particular reason? USE LINUX!

5. Want to stick it to "the man" because you are a liberal hippy who thinks capitalism is the bain of human existance? Take a long walk off a short cliff or USE LINUX!

If you happen to fall into category #2, you might find this site to be the best option for you. This site (found here) is THE best site for a visual guide and manual on how to dual boot your computer with Windows and Linux! I used this and found it to be great!

So that's a small Linux rundown on how to get a great OS without paying a dime! Give it a try! Linux could very well be the equalizer in the battle between Apple and Microsoft! Basically, Linux = AWESOME!

Prove me wrong and have a great day!

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