Thursday, September 6, 2007

iPod Touch Complaints...ALREADY!

Everyone who is anyone with a television, radio, computer or a brain knows that Apple will be releasing a new iPod called iPod Touch in a few weeks. This announcement came yesterday after a lot of skepticism and hype throughout the blogosphere and traditional media.

The new iPod is basically the iPhone without a phone. You can connect to the Web, listen to your iTunes songs, download songs from any wireless internet (WiFi) hot spot, and basically have all the wonderful things that iPods and BlackBerry/Smartphones offer without e-mail. All of that for a small price tag of $300-400. Sounds great, right? HECK YES!

Well after some searching through blog reactions, I've found a site/blog that has accumulated some of the very negative aspects of the new iPod and I'm just shocked.

The site Times Online has a Blogger Reaction page dedicated to this already. It is British but they are getting the same product and I loved Great Britain during my trip so I found this to be very valid.

The reactions came as shock because so many bloggers were already complaining about the iPod Touch and they haven't even used it.

Here is my reasoning for all the bloggers that have failed to think before they wrote:

- To all those who are complaining about the size of the hard drive (8-16 GB), think about it! They are including a wireless connection with this iPod. That takes battery life. Having a huge hard drive, a wireless connection, a Safari browser, a Mac OS X system and the bathroom sink in this iPod would be pretty much IMPRACTICAL for mobile use. If the battery only holds a charge for an hour because you want a 60GB hard drive, what's the point of having it?

-To all those who are complaining about a lack of games. Seriously? My guess for the reasoning behind a lack of games is the simple fact that games are available through the iTunes store. Apple has to make money too! They have to make money so they can keep coming up with incredible products. Basic common sense here people.

-To those who are complaining about a lack of an e-mail client. Nothing has ever been said about not developing an e-mail client for the iPod Touch. As far as I know, nothing has ever been put down in terms of using web-based e-mail services either!

The product hasn't been released yet and it was announced yesterday, how can you be critical already? Think before you write! This product is something that will help revolutionize the way we work, play, listen to music and access the Web. Could my opinion be wrong? Could my argument against all those who are downgrading a product that hasn't been released be mistaken? Both questions could have a possible resounding answer of YES but I highly doubt it.

Prove me wrong and have a great day!

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