Monday, September 10, 2007

Lack of American Ingenuity

I've been going through my normal headline glances, articles, TechCrunch overviews, LifeHacker entries and the rest of the common RSS feeds that I read every morning.

The general stories are the same. "Some company did this and it violates a rule/law" or "New product is best, BUT really is the same as the other product and was just created by a different company" or the kicker "(Fill-in Google/Apple/ Microsoft/Facebook/Yahoo) buys company!"

What happened to really important breaking news in the technology world? What happened to companies putting out a completely new product that will better the lives of the people who use it? What happened to a great organization trying to help the world? What happened to American ingenuity?

The American technology companies are doing a good job of releasing products that keep the user on their toes but sometimes it is for the wrong reason. Microsoft with constant updates and a lackluster products. Google/Yahoo/Facebook creating new unique Web 2.0 apps just so they can be copied by the competitors. What happened to the idea of BEING BETTER THAN THE REST?!?!?!

Apple users are waiting in hopes of the new Mac operating system Leopard. Microsoft users wait for SP1 for Vista and still become infuriated by the fact that there are no drivers that work with it! Google creates new but doesn't promote. Yahoo tries to catch up and revolutionize in several areas but falls. Facebook keeps adding new material but really doesn't allow for customizing without clutter.

This is a post of frustration. I will admit that I am excited for the iPod Touch and Leopard and the next Google product and whatever else the Web 2.0 world has to offer. But I am concerned that there is a lack in American ingenuity for new products! What happened to that?

I think it's leaving because as Americans, we aren't adapting. We aren't trying to better ourselves in our jobs. We aren't trying to figure out the next best thing but instead we are dwelling on the products that were good for years. Guess what? They are getting old and out of date!
Take the time to learn something new today. I had a teacher that used the phrase "Expand your horizons" like it was going out of style. Try it!

I could be wrong about all of this, PROVE IT!

Have a great day!

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