Tuesday, September 11, 2007

9/11 Effects in Tech

How many articles in the last 6 years have started with the line, "One day that we will never forget..."? The answer: an uncountable amount. Given the time frame, the answer and the date itself, we know that day to be September 11th, 2001.

This is the day that the Western world changed. The day that a radical belief in a peaceful faith destroyed a two buildings and at the same time united a country. The actions taken from then on are still in dispute among many people and for good reason but that is not what this article is for.

I was watching the news on MSNBC this morning and they were replaying the events that took place on 9/11. I was amazed at the fact that watching the events take place again still sent chills up my spine. This started my thought process for this article.

What was the purpose of those attacks? Did is scare Americans? YES. Did it open the eyes of the West to the idea of terrorism? YES. Did we close our minds and doors because of it? YES. Did the people follow meagerly behind manipulated leadership? YES. Has the economy gone through a roller coaster? YES. Has the world as a whole been affected? YES. Are we still seeing the results today, 6 years later? YES!

Before those attacks, the U.S. was a country that provoked prosperity and growth. That's a different story now. Before, our businesses were booming and helping the rest of the world boom too. Now, we are seeing an increase in outside businesses controlling our business. Before, the world looked to the U.S. for support and assistance in times of economic, social and political unrest. Now, right...

This is a tech and social blog from the mind of a college student trying to find a niche. Well this article is one that is meant to be part of the whole of what this blog is.

I'm watching the world of American technology drift from glory. The days when Microsoft, Apple and Cisco were proud to be all-American. Now, we ship our jobs to India and China because the people are already college educated and ready to work for less than average prices. What about the American people that want to work and learn and be strong again?

Technology business has left American because the companies have allowed it to for the purpose of maximizing profits. Because a college educated worker in China or India will work for pennies on the dollar whereas training an American without a college education would cost a company money that could be used on profit sharing.

We wonder why the economy shifts. We wonder why the housing market is so low. We wonder why so many people are working jobs that they are bored with. Well the answer relies in the fact that businesses are leaving so many people in America behind. The majority of consumers are not college educated, but they are ready to adapt to new work atmospheres. The majority are workers that have been in the work field for years and have developed skills that need to be refined for technical use.

Think tech businesses! Stop sending jobs away and bring them back. Don't fall into that groove of 9/11 instability like so many other areas of businesses. Help bring back a strong economy! You are helping to build strong economies in India and China buy supplying jobs and training, but what about the people that buy your products and use your services. Why is the money we spend going to foreign countries, CEO's and shareholders instead of to the people to train to compete for global positioning in the world?

The rich become richer and the rest of the people fail. This will effect everyone in the future. Think ahead, inspire the people to learn and compensate for hard work and then watch the world boom!

I could be wrong and this could have been a huge rant, but 9/11 was real and now our tech businesses a really sending jobs away. PROVE ME WRONG!

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