Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Facebook Galore!

In the midst of several lawsuits being filed against Facebook, it seems as though the company is still attracting a huge amount of positive side effects that meant to help in the equalization of Facebook and Google.  There is also a bit of controversy in the process.

According to Wired. com writer Scott Gilbertson, it seems as though Facebook is beginning to get some "slack" from non-users for the sole fact that a non-user is not allowed to view a complete page of a user.  In my opinion, this particular feature was probably put into affect due to the number of harassment and murders cases from the open area of MySpace. There is a reason for this idea and concept.  Users are given the option to open up their profiles to friends only, people within their network and/or all users of Facebook.

As a user of Facebook and future college grad who realizes that businesses are beginning to view social networks in regards to hiring an individual, this feature is very convenient and useful for me. Read the article for yourself and let me what you think. Personally, I think the article is a bit far fetched in regards to the Internet trends and the safety of users personal information.

The other Facebook news revolves around the fact that Buy.com is now opening up an application called Garage Sale that allows users to auction off their stuff and have direct sales, much like the Marketplace utility and eBay's pot of gold.

By using a network that has already been set up and is willing to be marketed to, Buy.com is beginning to maximum the profits without the work.  Brilliant!

Check out the article here.

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