Monday, August 6, 2007

Entourage and a Blogger's Union???

After a quick trip to the closest Best Buy, I found out that Best Buy is now selling Apple computers! I have very little experience with Apple and Mac but the more I play with these computers, the more I really enjoy them!

With this in mind, I found a program that seems to answer all of the problems that Windows users have been griping about for years! Microsoft Entourage is the Mac version of Outlook that goes above and beyond everything that Outlook has ever been. This particular program has been around since 2004, I believe, and it seems to have made all of my wildest dreams come true with an easy to use interface and complete integration of e-mail, notes, calendar, task center, project and an address book!

This program would be more than good enough reason for me to purchase a Mac (if I happened to have the cash).  This program seems to incorporate all of Google's free, online services of Gmail and documents service. For some reason, I've found something of interest in this program. Let me know if anyone has some experience with this program.

The other note in this entry comes from several of my RSS feeds in Flock. It seems as though many of the journalists including Ashley M. Heher at USA Today, have been reporting on the fact that many professional bloggers are trying to rally to form a union.

I found this to be incredibly interesting because the idea of professional blogging has been developing over the past year or so and now those who have chosen to write online for a living would like to have a standard, a health care program and many more benefits. Interesting to say the least considering the world of journalism may or may not be moving away from incorporated and fully funded sources such as the major news sites and more so towards a wide open opinion based writing base of bloggers.

As a blogger, I think this is great considering the fact that I'm watching my opinion develop a stronger hold on individuals and corporations alike. Globalization transition is making news without actually having the news say it!

Please give the article a read and let me know your thoughts.

Have a great day!

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