Sunday, August 19, 2007

Confusion of Feedburner

As I've been getting back into my blog and working to develop strong posts that spark some interest, I've noticed something that had me baffled but not has me delighted about a service I used called FeedBurner.

FeedBurner is an RSS service provided that is really the whole package of everything that a blogger could ask for. I can see how many subscribers I have. How many readers each day. What the most popular blogs. What RSS services everyone uses and what the top clicks in and out of the blog are.

This service is just AWESOME!

My concern at the start extended from the fact that I found that quite a few of the subscribers are actually search bots for most of the major RSS blog sites such Feedster, Google, Yahoo, Bloggster,, Technorati and FeedBurner itself. I thought this was something of concern because I didn't have actual people reading my blog, but rather a bunch of bots that scan the Web for updates in blogs and then posts them in their central webpage.

Then I realized that this was great because now my blog is getting posted on ten other sites with no work at all. All I have to do is work on strong titles for my posts, have a solid content within the body and make sure my keywords stand out well.

Because I've done that, I've watched my hits climb to 20 hits a day and my subscribers grow even further! It's great! I love it!

Thank you FeedBurner! You are a great service and I can't thank you enough for the amazing product you have published!

Let's keep the momentum going: if you like my blog, subscribe, link up, leave comments and just read.

Thanks and have a great day!

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