Sunday, July 1, 2007

Technical Pricing, iPhone and 2 blogs!

So anyone that reads this blog knows that I am college student on the prowl for the newest technology at the cheapest price, free being the best of course!

The items that created my desire for the best in technology actually stems from video games! Starting with the original 8-bit Nintendo Home Entertainment System and evolving into the original Sega to Nintendo 64 to Playstation 2 to the original Xbox. I've evolved as the gaming industry has evolved but my evolution has basically stopped as the prices increase and my expendable income becomes exhausted after four years of undergraduate study with another year of study there followed by several years of law school!!!

Dolling out $250-600 for a current gen gaming systems is just hard to justify in my mind. Now I know that the economy is increasing and inflation rates are evident and capitalism is booming and companies have to make money in order to stay alive. One complaint though, Xbox 360 has been out for almost a full 2 years and no price drop is in site and that's because Microsoft is still losing money on every 360 being sold (or so the internet sites say). But now that the new Xbox 360 Elite is coming out, you would think that there would be a price drop in the works. If anyone has heard anything on this, let me know! I would love to get one but like I said, it's hard to justify $300-400 on a game system.

iPhone has hit the nation and guess what, it's just ok. People want this device because it's the next best thing. It's the evolution of the mobile/cell phone and the funny thing is that phone feature is hard to use on the iPhone. I have to admit that it looks awesome and it seems like a fun tool to use but it's not for the business tech savvy individuals with Blackberries or SmartPhones, it's for the people that want to put some music on the phone, have some videos and a pay a lot of money for it.

This ties in with my previous gripe on the tech pricing not falling. I highly doubt that Apple with drop there prices on this considering that the iPod line very rarely drops in prices because Apple is maximizing profits while providing good service and a solid product line at a decent price for the consumer. I've ran into a lot of people that seem to think the iPhone will drop in price within the next year and will be offered on many cellular services, but I have a feeling this is probably completely false. Apple is smart and they know how to hook consumers and I've been wrapped up in their products more and more everyday.

Finally, I have two websites from a comment I received in my last post. RKC seems to have a similar mindset that I do with titles of his blogs being Anything & Everything (sound familiar???) and WebScape. This person is doing a wonderful job with the blogs they created and I highly recommend you check out these sites. There is a lot of useful information and if this keeps up, my blog is going to become obsolete!

Enjoy the thoughts and the sites and don't forget to check out my other personal blog at OoMI. Subscribe and link up and have a great day!

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