Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Stikkit, Google Browser Synce and Gears...Again!

I have a few apps today that should be interest to anyone on the go.

Portable Apps has been a very strong "hit bringer" for me and I continually keep getting people checking out this blog for impression and links to those wonderful little tools for the USB flash drive. Now I have two apps that make syncing up a little easier when you are using all of those tools.

The first is stikkit. This program makes it easy for everyday notes to be kept and utilized throughout the day. I have used Post-It's and what not and I always seem to just toss them aside because I never actually look at them after they have been on my desktop for longer than a day or two. The nice thing about stikkit is that they are constantly changing if you want them too. The program will automatically update if you BCC stikkit in an e-mail and it's wonderful! I highly recommend the free version for a try!

The other is a great tool from Google. I've been messing around with Google Gears since my return from Europe and I love it. If for some reason my laptop is without internet access (hopefully never!), I can still access my Google Reader material quite easily. Now, Google has Browser Sync that allows me to sync up all of my Firefox bookmarks, extensions and what not through a good download! How wonderful is that! I have yet to try it but this is on the to-do list when some free time shows up soon.

Don't forget to check on my new blog on my impressions and thoughts on Europe and enjoy the pictures there!

Enjoy stikkit and Google Browser Sync and let me know what you think of Google Gears. Personally, Just AWESOME!

Have a great day!

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RKC said...

nice blog...incidentally I have a blog on a similar theme :)