Sunday, July 15, 2007 ...A great new site!

Long time since I last posted but thought I would throw out a great site that I've been trying out for a while.

Everyone know that the web is full of bargain prices and great deals but the problem is that you have to find them using a lot of search engines and a little bit of luck. I've found a site, with a little help from BlogSkinny, that does all the comparing for you. is a great site for all your technology needs! My personal experience with trying to find an Xbox 360 is becoming a lot easier with this site! And with all the Web 2.0 sites and services I try to identify on this site, a person has to keep their computer up to date with the latest and greatest hardware. This site can do just that!

Give this site a try and let me know your thoughts! I've found the search engine to be solid with great tag words and and easy to use interface that lets anyone from beginner to programmer utilize this site. Good Luck and Have Fun with!!!

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