Monday, July 16, 2007

Google Doubts

I was just going through all of the services offered by Google and I am just astounded!

Google has HUGE database of products (as seen in the link) that will offer to solve all of the issues you may or may not have with your personal or business computing and Internet usage.

This is has both ups and downs.

The upside: 1.Lots of FREE programs and services for the user of all levels. 2. They are encroaching in on Microsoft's territory with a few programs and that is enough to make any experienced user happy. 3. They seem to be a wonderful company to work for.

The downside: 1. They are creating a monopoly of their products that is starting to consume start-up Web 2.0 companies. 2. They seem to be growing at an exponential rate that can't be stopped by one organization. 3. Their products are trying to impede on every single piece of software, hardware and Web-based program that anyone has on their computer!

I love Google and they products they create but they are starting to consumer too many things that had a certain charm.

One thing that I'm not sure whether to cheer for or shake in my boots about is the fact that the only real competitor that many bloggers and journalists, alike, agree upon is Facebook.

This company, started by Mark Zuckerberg, took over college campuses a year ago and is now taking over MySpace and most of the other major social networks out there! Since the addition of the Application programs on Facebook that allow users to do everything from link to their favorite photo sharing sites (i.e. Flickr) to playing 1000's of the classic Nintendo games to sharing the places they have traveled, people are really migrating to this do it all site.

Again, another scary thing for users out there considering that so many of the individual Web 2.0 companies are now becoming affiliated with the major companies of the original Web movement and this may be something that is absolutely wonderful or something to raise a concern about.

Please let me know your thoughts on this one as I may be blowing this speculation out of proportion!

Thanks and have a great day!

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