Thursday, May 10, 2007

Portable Apps and Blogger Templates

Working with technology is a bit of passion for me. I do it everyday. I'm the "neighborhood kid that fixes your computer." I've held that position for probably 7 years and I love it. Of course, there are things that just annoy me. For one, it's hard to work on a computer that is full of malware and spyware and takes 5 minutes to load an application. Downloading safe programs like Firefox or Thunderbird or anti-virus programs takes a lifetime to do, until now.

I just used StumbleUpon to find a website that specializes in portable applications. Portable Apps is a site that allows you to find free and convenient open source programs that are meant for minimal disk use on a flash/USB drive. So now you can take OpenOffice, KeePass, Firefox, Thunderbird and a wide variety of other programs with you and access them instantly on your flash drive.

Keep in mind, I use most of the above mentioned applications on a simple 1GB flash drive and I've never had a problem. No guarantees on my part though.

The other area of note for this entry is the fact that it is nearly impossible to find templates for the "New" Blogger. I have Google'd many times and found many different sites but the majority are for the "Old" Blogger and do not transfer well. As I dive deeper and deeper into the area of blogging, I notice my blog looks kind of dull and has a lack of personal flair. If anyone knows of any sites with a wide variety of New Blogger templates (XML format I believe), please let me know. I would greatly appreciate it!

No Feed My Feed today, but don't forget to link up, subscribe and leave comments here. I always appreciate it! And let me know if anyone has any sites that deserve a link up on my part.

Have a great day!

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