Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wubi, EOL, and Links A Plenty!

Everyone who reads this blog (wow that sounds familiar for an opening) knows that I love Ubuntu Linux. I run it on a few computers at my job and love everything about it! It's simple, it's easy to use, it does not require a lot of hardware space and the best part : It's FREE. But Linux also has a bad name as being only used by geeks like me and that it's not meant for public use because it's not widely used.

Newsflash! Ubuntu Linux is one of the fastest growing communities and most widely downloaded file on the Internet. Do you want to try it without changing any of your settings, repartitioning a drive or worrying about burning an image to a drive to quickly. Try Wubi! This program was specifically designed to allow Ubuntu Linux to run on a computer without installs or repartitioning and no CD is necessary. Just go to the site and give it a try! I love it because I can run my Windows XP computer as I normally do but I have the option to switch to Ubuntu without the work and worry of repartitioning! Enjoy another accomplishment of Web 2.0!

The major news today for all science fans was that the Encyclopedia of Life was just released for public use. This is the most complete, free version of the majority of all living species on the planet. Just as the name states, this is an encyclopedia and works just like that. The interface is very easy to use and opening page is Google Earth-esque. This is a great tool and I wish I would have had access to it for my Animal Biology course!

Last, but certainly not least, is a bunch of links for Feed My Feed. I went through all of my favorites on Technorati and I'm going to put up all their links that I have yet to put up. I can only hope they return the favor! Here they are:

Table For Five is a wonderful personal blog with a humorous undertone.

Joy Montessori is a blog for educators.

Article Discovery Politics is a personal favorite of mine. It's a brief analysis of politics and news.

Fyais is another personal blog with some interesting insights into life.

The Secret Life of Shoes is one that I just added and is pretty much self explanatory.

The Hodgepodger is just that. A hodgepodge of everything!

Keeping Fit is a Daily Battle is a great fitness site that offers a lot of great information.

Finally, Addicted to your Blog probably should have been the name of my blog but it's not. Enjoy this one though!

That's the huge list of links! Let me know of any others that need some exposure and I will be more than glad to get them out there. Enjoy Wubi and EOL and let me know your thoughts!

Link up, subscribe and leave your comments! I always love to hear a response!

Have a great day!

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Nash Trout said...

I would definitely try your suggestion on running Ubuntu Linux on my PC, using Wubi. I was tinkering before on Linux and it looks cool. Thanks for the tip! And thanks too on your comment on Keeping Fit is A Daily Battle. Will link to you in my other site. :)

Leah said...

Thanks for the link.
I wanted to give back a link to everyone who fans me on technorati, am trying to figure out how to get the URLs for without have to click on evryone and enter one by one, any idea how I can do that easier way? :-)