Thursday, April 19, 2007

Misconstrued Step For Microsoft

If you have not already read some of the tech headlines for the day, Microsoft has announced that they will be selling their Office Suite to schoolchildren in developing countries for $3!

This is a phenomenal deal and truly remarkable that Microsoft would put money to the background and allow kids the opportunity to experience the wonderful world of Microsoft.

Oh wait, they aren't! As is observed through some of the headlines (e.g TechNewsWorld) I would say that Microsoft is taking a step in the wrong directions. For anyone who has been keeping up with the competitive world of technology, Microsoft has been trying to beat out Apple since the beginning of time, well the 1980's but that is pretty close to the beginning of my existence! Now, there is third party contendor that is in the race and it's not out for a HUGE profit like Microsoft or Apple: that product is Linux.

I know, I've mentioned Linux before and some of you may have a large conflict with my usage of it, but it is a wonderful tool! The interesting part about Linux, that some people do not seem to realize, is that the majority of the programs (e.g OpenOffice, GAIM) are completely compatible with Microsoft and Apple products of comparison (e.g. Office Suite).

That was my plug again for Linux, but it brings me back nicely to the article at hand. Linux companies and other non profit companies have been creating and initiating the program known as "One Laptop Per Child". This is basically a way to institute a FREE, albeit older, computer for children in third world and developing countries and helps them to become as familiar as children throughout most modern countries, such as the U.S., with computers and productivity software.

There is a long term situation here that I am still hypothesizing in my head, but I needed to get this concern on the table first. If anyone or everyone would please leave some comments or thoughts on this move by Microsoft, I would greatly appreciate it! Some outside views would be wonderful and I am looking for other blogs of similiar interest to my own!

Thanks and have a great day!

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