Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Concern for Sanity

In light of the recent events at Virginia Tech, there has been an event that has occurred at my own university.

First of all, I would like to send my condolences, sympathy and thoughts to all the victims and their families at the institution of Virginia Tech. The pure insanity of one individual should not result in the lives of the innocent. This could have happened at any campus, at any time, no matter how "secure" a campus claims to be. I was moved by the events that took place and I only hope something will be done for all university students because of this tragedy.

My concern, however, is with the individuals throughout the rest of the United States of America who feel inspired to destroy lives and institutions because of a depressed fanatic. Today, in Minneapolis, Wisconsin and Texas, individuals reported bomb threats to their current university.

What would provoke an individual to cause more chaos and threaten to take the lives of more individuals after a national tragedy has occurred?

This is pure insanity for the people who feel it is necessary to do this. If you need help, if you are depressed, if you feel it necessary to take the lives of as many people as you can, take a moment and quit thinking about yourself! Walk to the nearest hospital, clinic, psychiatric institution or a center for depression and grief, UNARMED, and get help!

The man who took the lives of so many intelligent young people, who were ready to make a difference in the world, was obviously very troubled and managed to fall through the cracks of society. This can be prevented. If you know of any in that situation, take the time to talk to them and help them. It does not matter what religion or way of life you practice or preach, all of them have a basis of helping your fellow man or woman in times of need.

This event was a reality check for the U.S. and it was at the expense of innocent people. Blame should not be placed on anyone but the individual who took his own life along with 32 other lives.

I apologize ahead of time for this rant of the day from me, but this event is beginning to hit home.

Please everyone, take into consideration this tragedy and the true reasons for this happening. Put aside the propaganda of the media and look at the hard facts. Trust yourself and do that which is right.

Thanks for listening and feel free to leave your comments.

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