Monday, April 5, 2010

Another New Look and Some Changes

If you are a common reader for my blog, you've already noticed the change in the appearance. A more simplified, easy to read format that even my grandparents may find appealing. It's not "over the top" or "obnoxious" as some blogs and personal websites, but it still has some personal flavor.

The change is due to Blogger (my free blog hosting site) adding some new features. Blogger is a Google product and it has proven to evolve in the few years my blog has been out there. The update to the layout and look is welcomed by everyone and it shows. I appreciate any comments that you may have.

Now you may be asking what the "changes" are from the title. Well the ads you now see on my site are changes. When I started, I just wanted to get my ideas out there and provide some help to people who wanted technology explained in a more common language. No more mixing of ROM and RAM, multi-core processors, the scary world of Linux or the basic changes happening to cyberspace. Straight forward thoughts and explanations of what common, as well as up and coming, technologies could/should/would do for everyone.

Well now, I've got a reader base and some people actually enjoy what I have to say (LOL???). I'm in the real world. I've got real rent to pay, real insurance payments, real car payments (something I'm going to elaborate on in the future), and overall a much higher budget that is resulting in decent savings, but debt nonetheless. So the ads and search features are there to make your life and my life easier.

For today's lesson, we are going to elaborate on Google Adsense. Adsense is a program that anyone can use to put helpful links to helpful products and websites on their own websites. If someone clicks on the link, everyone involved makes money. Think of it as networking without actually meeting anyone. Google indexes just about every website and every website has a specific set of information included in it. This information is called meta data and Google can use that data to link websites that are common together. This is used in basic web searches, shopping and overall for Google Adsense. I put the word "Apple" and "iPad" as a piece of meta data in one of my posts and Google immediately puts my post in with the millions of other posts and websites about Apple (the company) releasing the iPad recently.

Again, the ads and search features are just there to make your life and my life easier. I'm not saying you need to click on them or search utilizing the features because that's illegal through the bylaws of the Adsense project. I just want you, as readers, to understand why the look has changed and why you now see ads and a search box.

Please let me know if you have any questions and what you think of the new look!


Jay said...

Maybe I should take blogging lessons from you?


Jay said...

Maybe I should take "blogging" lessons from you?