Sunday, March 14, 2010

iPad Impressions

The Apple iPad. Everything you could want in a easy-to-use device with the standard Apple "amazing-ness".

An iPod, e-reader and netbook all rolled into one device that will include apps and have Wi-Fi internet access and, if you want it, the speed of 3G AT&T service (where available). Who honestly could ask for more? That's the question right.

Not exactly.

The question is why did it take so long for Apple to come out with it? I'm a nerd/geek and no one will deny that. I write this blog right? As a nerd, I always want the latest and greatest in technology. I like playing with new technology, utilizing as many features as I can and probably breaking something in the process. It's the breaking things that I enjoy because it lets me learn how the systems work and how to fix them.

With that general idea in mind, I've already got an iPod Touch, a BlackBerry, an Amazon Kindle and a home network that integrates with my Mac, Playstation 3 and my 6 year old Dell laptop. Why do I need a Kindle then? I already have all the features of the iPad spread across several devices and they all work great!

That's the unfortunate part of Apple iPad release. People have already purchased the devices that are combined in the iPad. But it actually makes logical sense.

I think the iPad is now going to be the replacement for when the rest of the devices go to that technology resting place in the sky (more preferably the recycling center). Why not have 1 device that does it all rather than 3 devices that tend to cause clutter both for yourself and the environment? You can just have your iPad and a plain old cell phone. Done.

Consider it for when your Kindle, Blackberry and iPod die.


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