Friday, March 7, 2008

Pricetag on Apps on Apple App Store

Yesterday, the world of the Internet (Digg especially) was filled with all the glorious news that Apple has released an SDK beta system for developers to create third party applications for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The main sales pitch was directed towards businesses and the ability to have a solid all in one device with the iPhone.

This particular move is in response to Blackberry's growing popularity among business people as well as Google's introduction to the mobile world of development with the release of their Android platform a couple months ago.

The release date for the App Store, as well as iPhone update 2.0 (required for use of the App Store), is scheduled for sometime in June.

Now my question: what are apps from the App Store going to cost?

I've used JailBreakMe on my iPod Touch and found that it works great up to a certain point. The point being the fact that it just stops working after awhile and programs begin to crash unexpectedly.

Everything through a "jail broken" iPhone or iPod Touch is being developed at the price of donations by the users. I donate when I feel that an application is great and deserves to evolve through even further development. This is where the problem is. Developers aren't getting paid for their service and therefore the best possible product doesn't hit the market.

Now the App Store is the solution. We pay for the products we want and work with them. Judging from the ridiculous package price of $19.95 for 4 applications on the iPod Touch, I'm going to place the average cost of an app from the App Store at $5.

$5 is decent for a great application that works! Obviously games from EA (like Spore) are going to cost more as well as anything that enables the iPod Touch or iPhone to do something absolutely brilliant (as if they haven't already done so) will cost more as well. But a standard application like a news aggregate or anything that increases productivity will be around $5.

I can handle $5.

I could be wrong though! What do you think?

Have a great day!

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