Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Idiot IT Guy in Everyone

Everyone that has been reading my blog for the past year already knows that I have a passion for IT, technology and life in general. I work for the university that I will be graduating from in May and love my IT position.

Knowing that my position needs a replacement in the upcoming months, my supervisor has asked that if I know of anyone that has some potential as a social IT person that I mention that the position is opening up. Well today, I thought I found someone! And then I realized I was COMPLETELY WRONG!

I was working with some corrupt files for a professor and one of the professor's students was sitting in the office working out some test questions. I began my work and came to realize that only a small percentage of the files were corrupt and that it would be nearly impossible to undo the corruption farther than I had already done. The kid in the room chimes in asking if I've tried this procedure and that procedure and I've informed him that I have. I was impressed that he knew the correct procedure and began to inquire into if he was interested in the position that would be opening up. He seemed interested and then he hit me with a load of information that told me he was either way "overqualified" or a complete dumb @ss!!! (I'm going with option 2. Alex)

He mentioned that he was kicked out of two other schools for hacking (I'm going to call B.S. on this one). He also made the offer to "provide" several expensive applications at the cost of...wait for! Hmm...I wonder where and how he was going to do that? Anyone?

This brings me to my point: This kid has learned nothing while in college. If he had been kicked out of school TWICE for hacking, then he shouldn't be at my university in the first place. He should be sitting on a black hat list. Just because you know how to run a BitTorrent to download programs files does not qualify you as a hacker or even a great computer user.

It seems as though there are individuals who know what they are doing and then there are individuals who think they know what they are doing. You either are or are not someone that truly has a passion for IT.

It's not for everyone.

I have a passion the runs deep and I truly want to be able to fix, learn and teach/translate everything to do with computers to everyone that is willing to learn and adapt.

Everyone functions on different skill levels. It's the people, like this kid, that think they know everything there is to know, in a field where the knowledge base grows at an exponential rate, that basically screw up how the IT world works.

Learn and keep learning! Don't brag! The majority of people simply use the computer and expect it to work. Then there is the small percentage of IT people, like me, who work IT and try to make sure that we can understand and fix Anything and Everything that becomes a problem on a computer.

True wisdom comes from the person that can admit that they do not know EVERYTHING!

To the moron I met today: I work as an internal computer consultant and ensure that all network and computer systems are functioning at the level that my clients need. Don't play devil's advocate and bad/dumb @ss to make yourself look good!

You turned into a fool in my book.

Have a great day and let me know what you think.

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