Saturday, November 10, 2007

JailBreak Issues on the iPod Touch

As I dive deeper and deeper into the world of technology, my curiosity and comfort with trying/risking new modifications and hacks has grown immensely.

Whether looking into transforming some old PC's into servers or Linux machines or trying to figure out a way to make my old Xbox useful again (I'm still looking for anyone that knows of an easy way to get an Xbox 360), I've pretty much been trying anything and everything that I find to be within or just outside my realm of knowledge.

With the wonderful gift of an iPod Touch, I have really started to gain an affinity for the new jailbreak phenomenon that is occurring around the Web.

For those who don't know, Apple has locked the iPhone and iPod Touch to a point where you can not add any applications to the system. is the simple to use, one touch application that cracks this lock and allows you to add a plethora of applications to either Apple product.

Of course, as soon as I heard about this, I tried it! The problem is that my iPod Touch only runs a few of the applications. There is a green and white star emblem next to all the of applications that I can run successfully on my iPod Touch. In total, I would say 10 applications that could possibly work with only 5 that I find to have any value.

I still love the application and realize that it is a work in progress. This entry was more for all users looking into JailBreak-ing there iPod Touch's.

And for the record, what the heck Apple? You create amazing products for the users but don't want the users helping design some new applications? Steve Jobs announced a few days ago that Apple would be releasing a patch for the iPod Touch to allow editing in Calendar. JailBreak had this several weeks ago.

Open up Apple and let the people that love your products help you to be a better company!

Prove me wrong in this thinking!

Have a great day!

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