Monday, October 1, 2007

Most Innovative Product 2007: iPod Touch Anyone?

So my LSAT's are completed and my week from academic hell is done with surprisingly good results. My stress levels are back to the standard college setting and I am beginning the law school application process. I had a great weekend filled with friends from home and my girlfriend who gave me one of the coolest gifts ever: an iPod Touch!

I received the 8GB edition and I absolutely love it! There are pros and cons to this product, just like any other product.


- Wireless connectivity to the Internet
- Intuitive interface (for Mac and Windows and Linux users)
- Decent hard drive space for your favorite songs, movies and pictures
- A mobile version of iTunes that allows you to download songs from anywhere with a wireless connection


- The wireless connectivity does not work on university campuses where WPA2 Enterprise security is being used (no username/802.11x configuration)
- The interface is intuitive, but if you have large fingers, the automatic keyboard may pose as an issue
- If you have a huge library of music, be prepared to select all of the songs you want synced because the hard drive is by no means ridiculously large like previous generations.
- The mobile iTunes application only allows you to download music. No TV shows, movies or audiobooks

So if you didn't get the drift of that pros/cons diagram, if you are a power user of your current iPod, this one isn't for you. However, if you want an easy to use interface with a great way to connect to the internet and download songs on the fly, BUY THIS iPod!

Fortunately for me, I have connections in IT at my university, I don't have large fingers, I'm ok with not having a huge library of music that I couldn't listen to in a lifetime and I'm a college student that can't afford to be paying $10-15 for movies on iTunes!

There are plenty of other features to this product like a direct connection to YouTube when you have a wireless connection as well as a sync-capable contacts program, calculator, clock and notes feature.

This product from Apple comes as probably the most innovative product since the release of the original iPod. There are plenty of pros to this particular model of iPod as well as an equal number of cons but this still ranks as one of the best products this year.

I can't thank my wonderful girlfriend enough for this gift. Thank you hun!

Let me know your thoughts and reactions to this product. Personally, I think it's amazing! I could be wrong though so PROVE IT!

Have a great day!


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