Wednesday, October 3, 2007

iPod Touch/iPhone Recommendation

As I've been testing out my iPod Touch, I've been trying to find sites that are optimized for it. The fortunate thing is that the iPhone created such a huge market for online services to optimize their sites that the iPod Touch can also use this optimization!

This is wonderful from the standpoint that I don't have to wait for slow load times on some of the larger sites and I almost try to avoid the sites that aren't optimized if I can find a way to view the articles through sites like Digg or the optimized newspaper sites. Bad for the sites, great for me! I know this is selfish but the concept of evolution of business to adjust to customer needs.

There is a pretty complete list of iPhone/iPod Touch optimized sites that can be found here. There is also another that I found for anyone looking to play a few games and that is found at Knibble. Keep in mind that this link is actually for the iPhone/iPod Touch link in the site. The original site has more games.

My reason for this post, however, revolves around the fact that Blogger has yet to adapt a plug-in/widget/service that allows users to blog from their iPhone or iPod Touch. I've found that Wordpress has a plug-in and Movable Type has released a plug-in as well.

So Blogger, what's the deal? Any plans for iPod Touch/iPhone optimization? I love your service and the openness you provide bloggers with, but you might be falling a step behind on this one.

I could be wrong here and there may be something out there for Blogger blogs on iPod Touch optimization. PROVE ME WRONG...please!

Have a great day!

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