Monday, September 17, 2007

BlogRush = Awesome!

After reading through several of my favorite blogs and websites about a wonderful new blogging tool, I had to share it myself.

BlogRush is an RSS syndication tool that allows you to add a widget to your blog that displays updated blog entries from other blogs similar to yours. Depending on posts, keywords, labels and tags, this particular tool makes it easy for you get your blog out there by basically posting on another person's blog!

I would highly recommend this tool for anyone that wants to see some increased traffic, new subscribers or just bigger numbers surrounding your blog. The link above will take you to the site and the set up is easy. Just enter your blog name, URL and RSS feed address and add the widget and you are done!

You can see my widget on the left hand side. Feel free to click through any of the blogs that sounds interesting. That's what it's there for!

Give it a try and prove me wrong that this isn't one of the best tools out there for bloggers!

Have a great day!

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