Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Quick Blog Shout Out!

Over the past few days I've come to realize that I need to take advantage of the beautiful weather and the wonderful company of my girlfriend, my family and my friends while I am still at home and have some time available. This is why my blog has not had an entry for a while.

I also realized I was getting a little too wrapped up in the blog and, in turn, I wasn't letting myself just find new stuff and write about it. (The surge in my readership mixed with some helpful tools online can be attributed to this.)

I decided to do a revamp of the site appearance. If you hadn't noticed, the site was looking almost old-fashioned and not very modern. With that, I decided to research a lot more into some different formats to make my blog reflect me a little better.

Luckily, I just happened to stumble across THE BEST Blogger/Blogspot tweak blog I've ever read and it will blow your mind if you are a Blogger user.

My new appearance can only be accreditted to the author(s) over at Tricks for New Bloggers. This blog is wonderful and really brings my enthusiam back to Blogger after trying out WordPress.

This blog will help your blog look better, run better and overall just ROCK!

Look it up and prove me wrong in my opinion that this is THE BEST place for Blogger help!

Thanks and don't forget to link up, subscribe, read and just enjoy!

Prove me wrong!

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