Monday, August 27, 2007

Another WebMail Up-ing on Google

If you haven't heard already, Yahoo has just raised the stakes, AGAIN, on web-based e-mail!

I've had a Yahoo account since the beginning of my online experiences 10 years ago. I've always used that for friends and family. Recently, I've found it to be incredibly good for collecting crap mail from services and what not as I have switched to Google based Gmail.

Could my selection be wrong? Quite possibly!

Yahoo has just implemented some great new features for their "New Yahoo Mail Beta" system. The company has decided to focus a lot more effort into this program and has left the Original system intact for users who have systems that may not be able to run the more advanced service.

Additions include:

-The ability to send an SMS (text) message from your e-mail to a cell phone
-Yahoo Messenger completely integrated into Yahoo Mail.
-A new interface  is similar to Microsoft Outlook and Entourage that is cleaner and easier to use

All of this mixed with unlimited storage makes the new Yahoo Mail THE must have web-based e-mail service.

So Google, what are you going to do about this?

I'm going to make a suggestion:

 -Redo the user interface for a cleaner, more customizable look. Not everyone enjoys finding third party software, like Better Gmail, to allow shortcuts and customizing.
-Allow the integration of several IM services, similar to Meebo.
-Find a way to make people want to use your service again because Yahoo is grabbing a lot of attention right now!

I love my Gmail account, but Yahoo is winning me back with the advancements they've been making in their system. I can only hope that Google takes the hint and steps it up a little! Because if they don't, they will see their user marks plummet. But I could be mistaken.

Prove me wrong!

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