Friday, August 17, 2007

Huge Mistake for the FCC!

If anyone hasn't heard, the FCC has announced that they do not support the idea of a near complete, FREE,  wireless broadband network throughout the United States!

What are they thinking?

Major technology companies like Google are in full support and ready to dish out the cash for this network to be established and maintained and the FCC has decided to block this.

I can understand the security risks considering that a vast majority of hackers have used public wireless sites such as coffeeshops and libraries to establish harmful attacks on websites. This can be curbed with strong security and a submission form for all IP addresses that will use the network. 

(For those who find this hard to believe or completely stupid, keep in mind that major network card manufacturers are starting are to run into issues of a lack of address sequences and errors in extended digit addresses.

So why block this wonderful concept? This idea alone will put a lacking communications system in the U.S., compared to other major countries, back on the map!

Looking at most of the EU (European Union), China, Japan and some countries in South America and the Middle East, you find every consumer with a cell phone that is capable of Internet browsing, e-mailing and the standard cell phone options. No matter where you in those countries, you have access to the Internet!

The reason for people in these countries only using cell phones, granted these cell phones can out perform just about every cell phone on the American market, is related to the fact that PC's are expensive in these countries and a landline connection to the Internet is as well!

Now put those networks in the U.S. and you are giving every individual with a laptop constant access to the Web and the ability to increase their productivity by an unimaginable number! The possibilities are endless and would promote a stronger work force through the fact that travel time would no longer mean downtime!

Way to go, FCC! You are part of the reason that America is on the downside of the growing globalized race. Research and then rethink your approach to this idea, it's worth it!

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