Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A First Try with GreaseMonkey

I switched to Mozilla Firefox a year and a half ago and then since the beginning of the summer, I've found that I really enjoy the browser Flock that just happens to be an off spring of Firefox.

What's the big deal, right? The big deal is: You can upload almost all of the extensions from Firefox into Flock and utilize all of them to an almost complete extent!

Now I've been reading about an add-on called GreaseMonkey since I started using Firefox but I never picked it up to use it. Well I just downloaded it a few hours ago in Flock and guess what? I LOVE IT!

And I have this great new tool thanks to the genius over at Mega Voltage. The author of this blog is simply amazing with technology and seems to be quite interesting and able to write code for the Javascript format of GreaseMonkey.

I think this is something worth having a look at. Let me know your stories and experiences with GreaseMonkey and send me some of your favorite sites or scripts for GreaseMonkey. I'd love to try them out!

Thanks and have a great day!

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