Saturday, July 21, 2007

Google's Buying Power followed by Facebook!

If anyone has been reading the tech headlines the last two days, it seems as though my previous entry about Google and Facebook developing into the major competitors for web domination is true!

As of Friday, it was announced that Google is in the marketplace for purchases the frequency that most major cell phones operate on. The reported amount is incredibly high but it appears as though Google is the major possible buyer. If this is the case, then it may be possible that the often reported Google Phone may become a reality quite quickly!

Again this is only speculation, but it would make sense in the scheme of things. Google could begin to have incredibly reduced rates on their phone services or no rates at all besides buying the phone if you were to allow them to have advertising just like any search using their search engine or AdWord's and AdSense programs. Cornering a new market a possibility? Yes! Will the regulating body's (FCC) allow it? Probably not! Will the next few days be litter with speculation and a growing mainstream news coverage? I should hope so!

The other major tech news story revolves around Facebook's purchasing of Parakey, a Firefox site/project that has been gaining a lot of attention for obvious reasons: NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT IT! You can go to the site here (Parakey) and read the description. It seems as though Firefox wanted a basic set of programs that allow you to work using both online and desktop tools to become more productive and to basically have the proverbial "not having all your eggs in one basket".

To me, this sounds great and I can only hope to get an invite to a beta session but it appears as though you can only enter you e-mail to see when it is officially released.

I can only hope that Mark Zuckerberg will keep this project afloat and allow beta sessions for the geeks like me to try it out!

Anyways, this entry was filled with a lot of speculation and what not but it can only be assumed that this is some of my own idealized expression of the happenings in the tech world this week.

See for yourself and let me know!

Have a great day!

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Digital Nomad said...

Crackers...they are buying lots of dark fiber too. Look for Google to become a major player fast in telephony and wireless communications.