Thursday, June 14, 2007 of the most fascinating sites to date!

I was stumbling this evening and came across a wonderful site. A little detour first before I reveal the site.

During my trip to Europe, my girlfriend and I had dinner with a wonderful couple in London who really began to educate both of us on the idea of politically controlled news no matter if it's online or in a paper. I've been taking a lot of notice since my return and I have found this to be amazingly true. Orwell may have been right in his synopsis of a politically controlled future.

It seems as though you must always keep your mind open to major flaws in the news depending on the political stance that it's founded on, but for now on to the site now.

Newzbubble is a great site that seems to keep an updated cache of news articles depending on the "tags" or "keywords" they use in their publication. The page is full of bubbles ranging in topic and size depending on popularity of a certain topic (i.e. the bigger the bubble, the more popular the topic). I've found this to be absolutely phenomenal in trying to find news in areas that interest me.

Granted, I still read my daily news site and pick up a paper now and then but this site maybe a salvation to finding out about the many topics that are starting to become of major interest to me.

Give it a try and let me know your thoughts!

Have a great day!

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