Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Joost Invites Galore! An Easy Way Out On A Busy Day!

This just in: I've got 999 invites to give away on Joost! Joost has just upped the invites greatly today along with an expanded channel and program line-up in anticipation for the public release in a few weeks. If anyone would like to get a head start on their friends or for anyone who wants to be "a beta tester", subscribe to the blog, link up and leave a comment with your e-mail address so I know who to send the invite to! Enjoy!

On a side note, this week has been disastrously busy with exams and papers followed by the actual finals next week! I do have a few links to some Web 2.0 applications though! The first is actually a link to a page that does basically what I do with the apps but has summarized the entire month of April with a bunch of great tools for the mobile users. roScripts has your hook-up for some great and easy to use applications.

The other point of interest that I have been seeing a trend in for operating systems is the idea of 3D windows (in essence and reflection of the Vista Aero interface. There are two programs that seem to transform your desktop into a three dimensional landscape at the cost of a little bit of RAM. Both Deskloops and Madotate (courtesy of Lifehacker) are great programs if you want to impress your friends with some cool effects. Keep in mind that not every computer can run these and still function at the fastest speed.

An update on Feed My Feed. It's going well, slow but steady with about one link up a day. Thank you to everyone who has linked up and I only hope to see more success with this project.

Here are the links for today: Infektia, SEO Hint, kthdsn, Thought Sparks, Blog Avenues, Acquire Wisdom and Live With Passion, The NHL Arena Program, The So Called Me. Subscribe and link up to these blogs if you like them!

Enjoy the 3D enviroment, subscribe, link up and leave a comment if you want Joost and help with my Feed My Feed!

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said...

hello i have been searching every where fore this could you please please please send me an invite i wold love to test joost. mail:

guj_* said...

Can you please send me an invite
thanks so much


LL said...

Please Send Me An Invite


Anonymous said...

Would love a Joost invite!

:) Thanks!