Thursday, May 3, 2007

Digg Dispute, Apple Green, Downer Day and Links!

If you haven't been reading the news for technology, yesterday was a big day for the Web 2.0 movement. Users officially shut down because of disputed articles of interest in regards to Digg. You notice that I have a Digg button on the right hand side of my blog and it probably only has "1 Digg" and this is due to the hierarchy that is known as Digg. The reasoning behind the whole dispute between Digg administrators and users is based on the fact that many of the articles that were in the top "Articles of Note" on Digg's homepage dealt with this same subject. Digg being an unfair hierarchy of power that can help or destroy a site or blog depending on who diggs it. Check the headlines to get the low down and click my Digg button to help get my blog out there. It is a nice service to keep track of what you like and I only hope it helps to add to my reader base! Digg Me

The other big announcement yesterday was a blog announcement from Apple administrators saying that Apple products, iPod in specific, will be going green in the next several years. Currently iPods use a lot of non recyclable materials for the screens. This is going to be solved with a complete shift to "greener" products and technology that will allow for a more environment friendly line of products. Apple is expected to pass Dell in this particular area in 2009. I may be the only one, but the more I read about companies and the Go Green movement, the more I like it! I may have to pick up Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth!

A point of note, my readers know that I've been trying to Feed My Feed the last few weeks and I saw an all time high for my subscribers and readers on Tuesday with 51 readers and 9 subscribers. Today, I woke up to find only 5 subscribers and considerably less readers. It was amazing how my morale for the day was just killed by this knowledge. A side effect of blogging obsession I suppose. I only hope to build this reader base and subscribers back up so feel free to subscribe, link up and leave your comments!

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Have a great day!

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rachel elizabeth said...

i love your blog! definitely add me, and i'll keep reading! loving it! <333

Mag22 said...

Well thanks! A reminder to everyone, you need to verify that you want to get e-mail subscriptions. Also, you should just add yourself to the e-mail or RSS feed.