Sunday, April 1, 2007

What a Great Way to Start a Week!

Who doesn't love a good April Fool's Day!

This morning I woke up and almost all of my "daily" sites had some kind of joke or gimmick or plainly hilarious headline that I just cracked up about.

MSNBC April Fool's

Lifehacker April Fool's

The first day of April is a day that I have always enjoyed but never really understood to be vital for a college student until today!

Winter is something that is so beautiful during the holiday season and seems to make the heart warm up to the idea of going home. Seeing family and just enjoying the times we have with those we love is an idea we can all relate to. After that, however, winter pretty much depresses the soul and creates a sense of pessimism for students.

We are stuck inside for the study/memorize/analyze/write/REPEAT routine that may seem to be tedious and dull to an extent that we never realized was possible! We are stuck doing this with a depressing, colorless landscape for what seems like a millenia, but in reality is only a few months. After this time, some resort to a little trip for Spring Break (A glimpse into mine), while others just relax at home to relieve the tension of school. After this week is over though, we are back in the same atmosphere of blustery winds full off piercing rain and bone-chilling snow. Paired with this is the fact that some students, who are not granted with a parking pass for their place of residence, have to deal with the dreaded alternate side parking!!! for snow removal purposes.

But then April 1st hits and all of these horrendous, morale-breaking events seem to lose their grip on our souls. Alternate side parking ends, the weather seems to lighten a little and we are granted an entire day of laughter! This may be the cure to all the burdens of school life!

Why do we go home to spend time with family? Laughter. Why do we check/create sites full of hilarious pictures, videos and articles (i.e. CollegeHumor)? Laughter. What made my day start a little bit better? Laughter.

This was just an optimistic glimpse into the wonders of spring and the beauty of a simple day that encourages everyone to laugh.

Just a quick thought about such a simple day before another week of classes begins and before the turmoil of the final due dates becomes an issue!

Have a great April Fool's Day and as always feel free to leave your comments!

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