Friday, April 20, 2007

A Little Advanced Tech Insight on Earth Day

As everyone probably knows, Sunday is Earth Day. Environmentalists rejoice! Al Gore's Christmas! A good day to start taking note of the environment and the world you live in.

Considering the main focus of this blog has been technology and college life viewpoints, I thought I would share a great website to anyone on any kind of budget that shows immediate results:

With as much as I detest to admit it, I saw Matt Damon (thank you Team America) talk about this site on of all shows: The Oprah Winfrey Show. Credit where credit is due.

This site is based around a great concept! I will leave it up to the readers to find all of the interesting facts about this site, but the general concept is simple. Everyday, just about everyone that has submitted any kind of form receives "junk mail" (e.g. flyers, credit card offers) that are all printed on paper. Most of the time, these are recycled and reused for the betterment of the world. But, what if we were to limit the number of those received in order to reduce the number of trees and gallons of water needed to make the paper? This sites promises to do just that with the donation of $.10 a day! $3 dollars a month!

It's a great project and one could only imagine the possibilities if this website is successful! Give it a try and see what happens! The list of benefits can found on a fairly easy to navigate website and I recommend that everyone at least give it a glance.

Other websites like Lifehacker are running a few articles on ways to go green in your home and with your computer. I can only imagine that many other sites are, or will be, doing that as well.

So on Sunday, take notice of the beautiful world we live in and try to do your part for the rest of the world. Environmentalism is not one of my strong suits, but there are things that everyone can do to help out!

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