Monday, March 26, 2007

Again, Yahoo fails to see irony!

Yahoo Technology Article

This link above is a connection to an article on Yahoo's Technology section. It seems like a standard "How-to" editorial about reviving your old computers with the free distribution operating system known as Linux.

The problem is that this guy has made the process harder than it actually is. Yahoo is proclaiming this guy to be a tech-savvy individual who writes well. There is just one issue; he does not follow directions well.

The Ubuntu distribution of Linux is incredibly easy to install and use. I've installed it several times for members of the staff where I work as well as for family and never run into a problem that I wasn't able to fix with ease.

And guess what? It has revived old computers to a functioning level for use again!

This Ivan, who is a little too obsessed with his name judging by his blog and help section (Ivan's Page), did not read the "How-to" section on Ubuntu's main site. Because he didn't do this and no one has said anything, he now has national recognition for making a simple process incredibly difficult!!!

Read the article and let me know if anyone would feel comfortable following those directions?

If your answer is no, send me a comment and I will give you a more easily understood and simple set of directions to make your old PC functional again with Ubuntu Linux.

Thanks and have great day!

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