Saturday, February 24, 2007

Interesting Inflection

The perfect way knows no difficulties except that it refuses to make preferences; only when freed from hate and love does it reveal itself fully and without disguise; a tenth of an inch's difference, and heaven and earth are set apart. If you wish to see it before your own eyes have no fixed thoughts either for or against it.

To set up what you like against you dislike- that is the disease of the mind. The Way is perfect like unto vast space, with nothing wanting, nothing superfluous. It is due to making choices that is Suchness is lost sight of.

The One is none other than the All, the All none other than the One. Take your stand on this, and the rest will follow of its own accord; I have spoken, but in vain, for what can words tell of things that have no yesterday, tomorrow, or today.

Seng Ts'an

This quote is something I found in a book I have been reading about the religions of the world. My question to everyone who reads this blog is what religion is Seng Ts'an a practitioner of?

The quote is from the Buddhist ideal. The intriguing thing is that it could be applied to any of the major religions. Everything is meant to be treated equal and nothing or no one is given priority over anything/one else.

I have always been a practicing Christian, sometimes more practicing than others, but I have never found a document or saying that sums up the practicing of all the religions so well. Why not just treat everyone the same and truly just enjoy the beauty that is life rather than object over which religion is correct and which is incorrect? Which God is the true God? Maybe God is within, rather than outside?

These are all just theories realize, but it seems to make sense. We are always told to do that which is good for our fellow man/woman, no matter who they are. When we do this, we feel good and closer to a higher power that we only hope to get closer to. But we become institutionalized to think that one faith is better than another or that there are problems with those who are not of the faith we practice.

Just a suggestion to possibly try: break away the procedures of your faith for just a few minutes and look at the what you are trying to achieve with the religion you practice. I would imagine that it is very close to poem I have above.

This was more or less just an utterance in religion considering the vast debates that could possible happen when discussing which is right or wrong. Keep that in mind when leaving comments. But as always leave your comments

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

chris, you have such a inflection that it makes me so proud. only someone that knows himself so well can reflect on such beliefs. keep up the good work. love ya mom

Anonymous said...

Christopher--always so close to my heart. You are experiencing exactly what college is about. Expanding your thinking and finding yourself--outside of your family. You make me proud!!
I have always thought faith is about what you feel is right for you. No one can tell you what to believe. And, when you come to find that belief within you there is a peace and calmness which can carry you though life, the good and the difficult! The challenge in life is living out your belief within the world. Stay with it, you are on your way!!
Auntie M