Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Yahoo Mail is winning me back!

Google, you are losing me here! That's all I have to say. I love Gmail and the conversation style e-mail that you have created, but is that all you have?

My new Yahoo account is starting to kick @ss and you haven't done anything to catch up. I can access my Yahoo calendar, RSS feeds, Yahoo Messenger list and still do all of my e-mailing from one simple, quick to load user interface.

Did I mention that the RSS feed reader that is included in Yahoo Mail pretty much blows Google Reader out of the water and that Google calendar is no better than Yahoo's!

Now what the heck? I've been researching for the last several weeks on if Google had anything new and up to date for Gmail and guess what, I've only found a few things that mention being able to use Gmail across several languages. Nothing about incorporating Google Talk, Google Reader, Blogger or any of the several other services you offer. WHY NOT?

Your services are great but the user interface is a bit of hassle considering you have to click away from your Gmail inbox to get to them!

I'm a frustrated Google user who is somewhat disappointed in the way Google is reacting to the competition. You aren't creating amazingly unique products anymore! You are just buying everyone else and putting your name on it and then letting it sit. I don't care if Google shares have hit $600 and you are making a fortune off the fact that you added ads to YouTube, you still need to keep a strong focus on the users!

I could be wrong in that Yahoo Mail is a superior e-mail service, but it all comes down to personal opinion. Something new, easy to use and customizable versus something that hasn't changed in a year! Prove me wrong in my reasoning, please!

Have a great day!


Michael Schilder said...

I can't grasp the arguement of the people that are claiming Yahoo mail is better than gmail.

I keep looking back occasionally, I keep wondering what am I missing, and all I see is junk. Yahoo mail is lousy by comparison. Gmail quite frankly blows it out of the my mind, it's not even close.

Yahoo has an awful spam filter, pop up ads, the calendar is utter junk, and the mail interface is clunky and not cleanly implemented at all.

You are welcome to your preference of course, I just can't fathom how Yahoo is even in business still. I see nothing at all that they are doing better than google on.

Mag22 said...

Thanks Michael. I am not sure as whether or not you are using the old Yahoo Mail. If you are, then I agree that it's crap. If you are indeed using the new Yahoo Mail Beta, then I appreciate the comment.