Thursday, September 20, 2007

Do bloggers have a lobbyist?

I've been reading that Google has just instated an in-house lobbyist in Washington D.C. Basically, someone who keeps Google's best interests at hand and doesn't mind throwing a little money around (legally) to help keep it that way.

Now my question is, as a blogger, do I have someone keeping the proverbial eye out for me in Washington?

Yes, I know that my congress men and women represent me and my rights as an individual of a great state and nation, but what about my rights online that flow across borders? Anyone can read what I write and with the growing popularity and clarity in what the blogosphere has to offer for news, it seems as if maybe there should be some representation for the millions of bloggers out there!

Is it just me or have bloggers basically been skipping through the cracks of the law and posting whatever they want without guidelines and restrictions? Granted, the Internet and World Wide Web were designed for the purpose of free flowing information that is easily accessible to users, but what happens when one or two or several hundred bloggers take it too far? Who is going to be there to provide adequate representation and pull for the bloggers?

Am I the only person to have thought of this? PROVE ME WRONG....please!

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