Thursday, September 13, 2007

Blog Editors

I've been experimenting with blogging since I started in February. Everything from subjects, to templates to fonts, I've been trying them all. Lately, I've been trying different ways to actually publish my blog posts and I thought my readers might find them interesting.

I use the Blogger blog service so I've always had the original web-based system for blogging. It's easy and simple to use and it will let you writing HTML or plain composition. The tool bar is basic and the labels work well in search engines. Overall: it's a bare bones form for writing a blog and really comes in handy when you aren't on your normal computer but you get inspired to write.

Two other options I use are actually browser based blogging services for Firefox based browsers. I use the ScribeFire add-on when I'm utilizing my original Firefox browser. It works well and allows me to add tags to Technorati's search engine. It will also ping my favorite pinging services, Ping-o-matic, for me which saves a lot of time! The other browser based blog service is use is through my new favorite browser, Flock. The instant blogging addition makes for easy set up and publishing through the browser. Overall: both work well and provide a great way to keep my browsing going while still drafting and publishing blog entries.

The final service is actually a Microsoft product and it's actually really nice! (normal readers, don't hyperventilate) For those that don't know, I'm not a huge fan of Microsoft products and I am always willing to try anything that is trying to out perform Microsoft. But Microsoft Live Writer is actually a very advanced and simple product at the same time. I've just been testing it a few times and I've it to be great for just simple drafting and posting, yet I could add pictures, videos, hyper links and pretty much anything you can imagine to my blog with the click of the mouse. This is still in a testing phase for me, but I may switch to it permanently if I keep finding more and more great things in the product.

Right now, I'm writing this blog using Blogger and the original website for actual blogging. Blogger is a Google owned company so things are always changing! This is how I started out. I had no clue where to begin: what service to use, what template was good and what to even write about. Well needless to say, I pretty much randomly picked everything.

Blogger was an easy start up. No former knowledge and nice looking templates made this one seem to be a good choice.

Now, I'm modifying everything from formats to templates to widgets and it's great! Now I want your opinion on what is good and bad and what needs a change. Tell me what you want to see on this blog. What do you want more of an in-depth approach on? Is the blog easy to read or would some different colors and styles be nice?

Please let me know because I'm not only here to express my opinion but to please my readers and keep them coming back!

Fill out the poll, link up, subscribe and leave comments and let me know!

Have a great day!

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