Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sex in a Second Life

After reading a recent article, I'm a bit astounded at the lengths to which users are going with sexual conduct online.

The article (found here compliments of and Google) was something of an eye opener for me. I've heard of users conducting themselves in very odd ways in online communities such as game and chat rooms, but this is quite beyond what I would have imagined.

Individuals seem to portray themselves more freely and in a more fantastic way online. The common thought is every guy online is 6'3" with a model build and an abnormally large "member" and every girl is either the FBI or 5'4" with voluptuous curves and the smallest waist in recorded history is probably true, but now members of Second Life are beginning to truly portray themselves through their avatars in the way!

Ridiculous? YES! Terms for a lawsuit (due to coding issues)? Possibly and Probably. Something to pay close attention to and be aware of in the future, especially for parents and teens in case of sexual exploits? PLEASE YES!

Please read the article and educate yourself in the online domains of the Web. Wherever there is free speech and open minds, there will be sex! This is by no means horrible but regulations should be put into place for minors . The open business format of Web 2.0 applications such as Second Life will always sprout third party business ready to make money as well and that is what drives capitalism but a little regulation is needed here as well.

Good for the guys that can sell sex but don't take too much pride! It doesn't take much because people always want sex and it seems as though users are becoming more and more willing to spend a little cash to "get it" (if that is what you can call this)!

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