Tuesday, August 28, 2007

One of the Greatest Sites...EVER!

When I was checking out some of my favorite sites, I just happened to come across a great site!

BitTorrent has been making news over the past few weeks on some of the major tech sites. Because no one user distributes or owns a copy of a movie, tv show or cartoon, BitTorrent is basically the loop hole in the copyright laws that have been stirring up the world since the collapse of the original Napster.

The problem with BitTorrent is that it requires you to find a download manager you like and then you have to search out for the pieces (torrents) that you want.

There are 2 issues here:

1. It's a lot of work and technological understanding for nothing that is guaranteed to work.
2. Unless you have a huge hard drive (or two), you will fill it with media to a point of crashing.

Now what if there was a site that eliminates all of this and allows you to watch movies directly on your browser without using hard drive space? What if you didn't have to search out for the pieces but instead they were listed right there for you to click through each piece of the media?

Well now there is. The site is called VideoHybrid and it offers all of the above!

VideoHybrid has an ever growing list of new and older blockbuster movies (i.e. Transformers, The Bourne Ultimatum, The Simpsons Movie, The Godfather, etc.) as well TV shows, anime and cartoons.

All of these pieces of media are divided into parts and broken down to about 30 minute sections and the quality is not high definition, but these are still highly desired movies for free with no risk at the moment!

Give the site a try and you can thank me later!

Let me know your thoughts, leave some comments, link up, subscribe and enjoy! I could be wrong in thinking that this is one of the greatest sites on the web.

Prove me wrong and have a great day!

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