Sunday, August 5, 2007

Amazing Insight of a Book!

After a glorious vacation in the northwoods of Wisconsin, my mind seems to be slipping back into school mode. I'm dreaded the fact that I have to go back to work on Monday for manual labor and I'm beginning to pick up every book I can get my hands on. Fortunately, one of those books has been changing my thoughts and insights on the world of technology and the globalization!

The World Is Flat
by Thomas L. Friedman is a book that explores in as close to a complete analysis of the world of globalization and the connection of the world through the growth and expansion of technology.

Friedman explores the world of technology from beginning of the first levels of technology to the birth of the PC/Apple to the Internet revolution and finally to the world of Google domination and the concepts of connectivity no matter where you are. It seems as though the U.S.A. is even farther behind in the world of technology than I could even guess.  Bangalore seems to have astonished Friedman and he has convinced me of this amazing place as well.

Ranging in geography from Bangalore, India to Japan to the U.S., Friedman has explored how this world has begun to go beyond nation barriers to allow from corporate as well as personal benefit. It's absolutely amazing and a wonderfully in-depth yet light-hearted approach to the world of globalization, the collapse of boundaries and the growth of a connected life for everyone of every class, race, nationality, sexual orientation and beyond.

Please give this book a read and see what I mean. Keep a clear mind and utilize your own reasoning with the facts and the personal opinions and develop your own thoughts.

This book is an inspiration for college graduates and the world lies out there waiting for us to define what the future holds!

Enjoy and have a great day!

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