Monday, May 7, 2007

iuGen and Connectivity

As you all know, Feed My Feed has been my project for the past few weeks. I've gotten some links up to some great bloggers and sites and it's been great! It's slow though. In this day and age, anything that takes longer than a few minutes is just too slow. I understand that a reputation and exposure takes a lot of time and effort and my patience is capable of that, but I am still on the look out for tools and services to help me get my blog out there! Let me know if there is anything you know that I don't ;)

In the process of this search, I came across a new service that seems like a wonderful idea. iuGen (Internet User Genome) is something that is worth noting. Basically, this service wants to develop a database of all the user of the internet and see how connected everyone is. For me, I'm not connected to anyone and I don't have a "Helix" of users. The purpose of the Helix is show how we are connected as users and individuals, much like the Human Genome Project! (an area of dispute I know)

This blog is a personal invite to anyone and everyone to sign up and start helixing with your family and friends and me. Just simply put your information in, have a few people sign up and start with the fun. I'm hoping by extending this invitation, I start getting some helixed connections in order to start amassing an even larger connection with the world!

Keep in mind, this concept is similar to ones used in the book Linked. This is a very mathematical approach to how we are all connected and how that is playing a role in the globalization of the world. I suggest you read this if you are interested, it's fascnating!.

A little irony here, but I am not extending any Feed My Feed links today because of a lack of time for searching. Considering this is exams week, followed by nearly a month in Europe, my Web 2.0 and blog extension will be reduced for the next month. Don't worry, they will be back and feel free to link up to my blog and I will do the same in my entries.

Help and participate in iuGen, read Linked, link up to this blog, subscribe and leave your comments. Still plenty of Joost invites for those who want them!

Have a great day!

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